Literally 4th generation war

Literally 4th generation war

Future scientist Alvin Toffler societies

As future scientist Alvin Toffler divided societies into three waves such as; 1st wave agricultural society, 2nd wave industrial society and 3rd wave information society, US scientists divided wars into 4 generations.

In 1989, a group of American scientists developed a military doctrine and a new type of war.

4th generation wars; hybrid wars, also called proxy wars.

The wars before the First World War, the First World War, the Second World War, the Gulf war, the category of weapons quality used, technology used, strategies, tactics, political views of the warring countries in terms of other 3 generation models of war.

The concept of 4th generation war changes all the war algorithms in your mind.

The dizzying change of technology causes many concepts in our lives to evolve.

War definition is redefined accordingly.

  1. Did you think the 3rd world war would be on the front?

Did you think that it would go down in history as battles of the Western Front, the European Front and the Black Sea Front?

Let me tell you in advance if you think so, you were wrong.

  1. In the 4th generation war you will not find a state that has officially waged war. Just like it is now.

States no longer show their hostility directly by waging war against the opposing state.

These wars are government and leader overthrow wars.

Arab spring, rose, tulip, flower, insect revolutions are all examples of 4th Generation war.

The soldiers of the 4th generation war can be terrorists, sometimes a live bomb alone, an assassin, a hacker who makes cyber-attacks, an investor in international money markets, and social media terrorists who sometimes throw a fake account.

4th generational wars’ weapon, tank, rifle is social media.

Their planes, ships, missiles are international credit institutions, cyber-attacks, power cuts or cyber-attacks that are reaching the country's most confidential information.

Everything is intertwined in these 2 + 2 = 5, 4. Generation wars.

Many states, even many states that cannot stand each other at all, can come together, and it is also a war situation where many terrorist groups that are opposed to each other can come together.

It is a state in which soldiers and civilians, regular states and non-regular states, black and white can mix.

The aim is to overthrow the leader and the government. Every path is acceptable. You do not have a state that has declared war on you.

Sometimes there may be a live bomb, an assassin, sometimes social media perception operations, sometimes speculation and manipulation, and economic and political crisis, and actions against hatred and division.

In this generation of wars, fake news and photographs are used in social media to create uprising. For example, in the last Reina assault, it was shown as a Santa Claus costumed man was attacking to the people who were celebrating new years. It was done to create a perception of conservatives attacking people celebrating new years. For example, a photo of young 20-year-old soldier’s cut head who surrendered on July 15 coup attempt at the Bosphorus bridge.

But in reality there is no one in a Santa Claus costume, nor a soldier with a head cut off. Then it turns out that the photo was taken from a war in the Middle East, that Santa Claus is a citizen walking on the street in another country.

Turkey is literally in a 4th Generation war.

The focal point is also the President of Turkey.

The Turkish nation is engaged in a second war of liberation, the 4th generation hybrid war, as in the President's statement, by opening up the relations between the countries with which it has close relations (plane crashing with Russia and the ambassador assassination), under the pretext of the ethnic and sectarian richness of the Turkish nation, weakening the economy through international manipulations.

They step on the sensitive veins of the citizens through the social community engineers. During the excursion process, people were spilled on the street because of the trees being cut down and then the people were provoked against the police with social media perception management. I remember it like yesterday. It was shown that there were street conflicts that weren’t happening with false tweets, unnecessary blood demands were requested, street conflicts with imagined wounded and dead citizens were planned.

The July 15 coup attempt is also a 4th Generation hybrid war model.

In the 4th generation wars, the big states are doing their work through subcontractors. Swot analysis of the country is carried out with the social community engineers and according to this analysis, the weaknesses of the society are provoked through community, media and NGOs. Or many terrorist organizations, which are totally opposite to each other, serve in the same place without realizing it with different subcontractors.

The coup attempt, the Besiktas attack, the assassination of the Ambassador, the plane crash incident, the Reina attack, the Kayseri attack, all of the events in Izmir for the same purpose are the events of different terrorist organizations.

While some positive data from the international credit institutions, how do you interpret all the lowering Turkey's credit rating? I see that the NPL ratio of loans in the Turkish banking sector is 3.2%, which goes up to 15% in other countries. Currently the Turkish banking system capital adequacy runoff is 16% that is extremely good. In Basel criteria, this data is limited to 8%.

This data is an example of a complete 4th generation hybrid war by international lending institutions.

Or Can Dündar deciphering the issues that are the state secrets with false news, then running away from his country and making statements against his own country in foreign countries. These are all different parts of the same game.

4 generations, combating hybrid warfare is a struggle that requires long-term patience.

It is the sum of the unethical and unlawful acts of many different opposing mechanisms for the same purpose.

As a citizen, it is our duty to read and understand these treacherous plans well. Do not share every message on social media. You may be part of a plan without realizing it. Do not come to ethnic provocations. Do not rely on the news and shares as if there is a Sunni Alevi separation that provokes sectarian separation. Do not rely on the news as if there is a conflict between people with and without turban.

There is an economic crisis. Do not believe the news that the dollar will increase even more, home car sales will stop and the crisis will deepen.

Let us stand upright as citizens, let's not play, let’s come together, and let’s be alive.

The Government and the President of the Republic of Turkey are already aware of the situation we are in and are making necessary defense and action plans.

With the lessons and victories it has taken in the history of the Republic of Turkey, with its 1000 years of history and established tradition of the State, with its people with and without turban, Alevis, Sunnis, Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Lazes Circassians, the youngest and the oldest, it has the power to overcome these games.


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