The President who limits himself ...

The President who limits himself ...


Does the President have a responsibility for his duties and transactions?

Your answer?


We have an irresponsible President...

This was not only a privilege for Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but for Mr. Gül, Mr. Sezer, Mr. Demirel, Mr. Özal and Mr. Evren.

And what is this irresponsibility based on?

It is based on the Constitution Article 104.

Well. Has Recep Tayyip Erdogan prepared this Constitution?

Of course no.

The 1982 Constitution, prepared after the 1980 coup, has made the President irresponsible of his duties and transactions.


Also the 1982 constitution is experiencing the paradox as follows. The president is irresponsible, but his powers are very interestingly a lot. Almost unlimited authority to the irresponsible President.

Now they say that what was the need to the Presidential system?

The parliamentary system is the system in which the executive power comes out of the legislative power, the execution is in the executive and the judiciary is independent. We can define it as a system in which the President assumes the duty of representation.

The definition of President in accordance with the parliamentary system is very clearly defined in the German constitution.

The German constitution says:

"The President is, above all, the representative of the state in the country and the world. He makes a speech and strives to properly represent his country. "

Here is the President's mandate in Germany. He will represent his country, he will make speeches.

The founder of the parliamentary system, the Queen, who is the President of the UK, is also symbolic and representative in her duties. Likewise in Israel. Also in Portugal...

In our Constitution, the powers and responsibilities of the President are written between Articles 100 and 104 of the Constitution.

In the post-1980 coup, Kenan Evren, I think, did not trust the future government profile very much and he made people prepare a constitution in which the execution was on Prime Minister, but the ropes, the last signature and extremely critical appointments were on President.

Long story short, without the strong executive power, the symbolic President’s office, and the chances of the parliamentary system to work is low.

In fact, the pin of the parliamentary system was withdrawn by the 1982 Constitution.


This is why the political leaders of that day have noticed this congestion, especially Özal has mentioned the need to switch to a presidential system in Turkey 30 years ago.

Turkey is stuck in the system because of the constitutional debate for many years, political instability, and founded incompatible coalitions, economic and political throughout the years.

In the current system, in case of incompatible government, which has over-authorized, zero-responsible President and the executive power, a structure suitable to block the system and cause a crisis has been formed at any time.

You want an example? Between Ecevit and President of those days Sezer, a constitution booklet was thrown and it caused Turkey to lose billions of dollars and led to the economic crisis.

Let's not forget the fights between Ozal, Mesut Yilmaz and Demirel, Çiller and their harms to the country...

All these examples will be referred to as the incidents of mismatch between the president and the prime minister who carry out the executive duties, the destruction of the dispute to our country and the lost years.

So in short, the system established in 1982, is not supporting Turkey anymore.


Is it possible today to talk about the principle of separation of powers in the current system?

I think no.

The separation of powers...

Let's see if the powers are separate.

Execution comes out of the legislature.

In other words, among the deputies elected for legislative duty, the minister and the Prime Minister emerge for the executive duty.

This single example is an indication that the separation of powers is not in itself.

Is the legislative task of the MPs in the system now have the authority to submit proposals?

Of course no.

In this small example, it is an indication that legislative power is incomplete in this system.

One more question for you?

Did Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan need to go to the referendum to be elected President in this parliamentary system?


Like the presidents elected before him, he would be easily elected as president by the parliament.

Already, according to the 1982 constitution, the parliament foresees the election of the president by certain arithmetic votes.


But being a leader is not easy.

Staying in power for 15 years is not easy.

Becoming a world leader is not easy.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is the only leader that destroys a real sense of status quo in Turkey.

He always struggled his way.

He didn't choose easy. He always chose the hard.

He had one reference, nation.

He took the presidential election to the people.

Was there a guarantee of winning?

Not at all...

This is poll. Anything could come out.

He didn't choose easy. It was easy to be elected in parliament. He chose the challenge. Went to the public and became the first President of the people elected.

AK Party really mad major reforms in Turkey, in terms of both real and mental on the macro and micro scale .

But for such an ambitious leader like Tayyip Erdoğan, even this was not enough.

Because there were 2023 and 2071 goals for Turkey. These were the steps that will make Turkey a global giant.

Our President saw that these reforms could not be made with the current system.

He wanted to move the country from the irresponsible presidency to the responsible presidential system. Again, chose the difficult, not easy.

The system change done today is made for Turkey's future, and it will make history.


In the end, Mr. President is a mortal. With a number of perception operations, it is tried to create an atmosphere that he is creating a system for himself. It is a sin. An utter lie.

It is a pity that the social media frenzy that has emerged with the development of technology has left its place to social media terror over time.

Mr. President is present today, he is a mortal like all of us, and he won’t be present tomorrow But Turkey is prepared to make the republic system established and functioning state system stronger.

Rapid decision-making and implementation, regulation of authority complexity in the current system, the establishment of mechanisms to rapidly implement the decisions taken will open the existing bottleneck system and our country will develop and grow faster.

Maybe a small detail, but according to the old system outside the parliament to nominate 20 deputies to nominate outside the parliament, the new draft of the presidential candidate outside the parliament is enough to show a hundred thousand signatures.

Someone outside the parliament does not need the signature of a deputy to be a candidate.


With the system we are trying to pass on to today, the president, who has been irresponsible since the 1982 constitution, will be responsible for his work, will be audited and accountable for his duty, and will assume the duty of the executive power.

In other words, Tayyip Erdoğan again chose not easy but difficult.

Legislation and execution is now completely separate.

In the new system, lawmakers will have the right to make proposals for the law while performing their legislative duties. In the current system, deputies do not have the authority to make proposals for the law.

In other words, MPs will be able to fully fulfill their real legislative duties.

The fact that the executive in the parliamentary system came out of the legislature also undermined the principle of separation of powers in democracy.

In the current system, the ministers who will serve as executive members will be appointed at the discretion of the President, not among the legislators.

The legislature has the duty to mutually supervise the President and the president.


In order to put an end to the debates on the impartiality of the judicial system, which has been criticized for years in the Presidential system, the phrase “this authority is exercised by independent and impartial courts “ has been added to the "jurisdiction is exercised by independent courts on behalf of the Turkish nation”.

Recent events have shown that judicial impartiality is very important, which has been considered within the new system, and has given confidence in the belief in the judiciary.


The cross checks of the system have been placed in the new system. For example, who can file a lawsuit for the cancellation of the constitution in the system of the constitution court today?

Only the main opposition party.

Is that really democratic?

How was the new system constructed?

With the unconstitutionality of the laws, the constitutional court, the President, the first two parties according to the rate of votes of the political parties in parliament and the number of deputies with the number of signatures up to 1 in 5 of the full number of members of Parliament.

A wider range, right?

The president was made less competent than the former, and the president, who had zero responsibility, was made fully responsible.

Yes, less competent...

I can hear you asking how less competent.

Let me give you an example. Who appoints the members of the Constitutional Court in the current system?

The President appoints all but three.

But in the future Presidential system, does the President appoint all members of the constitutional court? No.

Arranged like this. Half of the members of the Constitutional Court are appointed by the president and half by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM).

In social media, the only man analogies appearing in some media organs are completely ridiculous claims that are far from reality and have no infrastructure and no basis.

I also recommend that you look at the Presidential system from this perspective.


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