The Wars of the Paradigm

Do you think it's just people that are affected by evil eye?

Evil eye...

Do you think it's just people that are affected by evil eye?

I think no.

I think the states also get affected...

We are affected as a country.

Is Turkey the old Turkey?

Not at all. I'm not the one saying that. Figures indicators are showing that. The moment you hit the street, you would immediately notice the change in Turkey...

Is there stability in the country, yes.

We do not make an election every 2 years. We do not spend our time with fighting coalition governments.

We do not behave in the colonial order established in the world.

Our president says the world is bigger than 5.

He says that the fate of this world cannot be between the two lips of 5 countries.

This bothers some very large states.

We're not behaving ourselves...

We say we are here too.

We say you can't do what you want on your own.

We grow, we become stronger.

We don't do everything we're told.

We're disturbing some forces

Let's look at the growth rates between 1980 and 2015.

Look at this Turkey in time which needs 70 cents.

What have the Turkish people done?

GDP growth between 1980 and 2015 was 953%...

The world's industrial giant Germany has grown by 338% in this range. The UK, where the sun does not set on, has grown 438%... Ooh, ooh, ooh...

How can Turkish people do this?

Table is above. I didn't make up these numbers, they are real.

Surely you will get affected by the evil eye. 

The FETO-PKK-ISIS-DHKP-C, all of them are on to us.

In 2016 there was a coup attempt.

Terrorists have taken a lot of treacherous attempts.

How is 2016 growth?

GDP growth, 2016 Spain: 3.2%

Turkey: 3%

Poland: 2.6%

Netherlands 2%

UK: 2%

Germany 1.8%

France: 1.2%

Italy: 0.8%

Greece: 0.4%

Russia: -0.5%


What have these Turkish people done?

So much negativity...

So much operation inside and outside.

Treacherous attacks.

The intelligence services of the world's most powerful states do not hesitate to act. Result?

Turkey is growing by 3%.

Germany 1.8% France 1.2% etc..

In old times the monthly inflation rate in our country was the current annual inflation rate in Turkey. Maybe our current young friends don't remember, there was a phrase called inflation monster. This term has been history for 15 years. I wonder if anyone today would hear the word inflation monster.

Surely you will be affected by the evil eye.

It is our legitimate right to defend ourselves while our surroundings are full of internal and external threats.

In the past, we were all dependent to the outside in the defense industry. We’re not buying according to our needs, but according to the enjoyment of external forces.

How about today?

60% of the Turkish defense industry is domestic production. Yes you didn't hear wrong, 60%.

Turkey grew by an average of 5% band in our aerospace and defense sector is growing by 21%.

Within 5 years we are building our own 100% domestic missile defense system. Formerly known were the Patriot missile defense systems. Will it come or not? We would wait to see if the West would give or not.

From where to where?

The Western and the USA love Turkey...

But when? They love us if we establish a government every 2 years.

 They love us if we're in a chaotic environment with coalitions. They love us if we manage the country with tutelage rule outside the will of the nation.

But Tayyip Erdogan came. He broke orders. He said stability. He said national stance. He said it would be what the nation says. He lifted the tutelage.

Of course you will get affected by the evil eye...


Until the AKP governments, the other government and the leader had a foreign policy stance. A policy that does not interfere anything.

A policy that does not take an active role in the face of world issues and problems.

We were sitting in the stands and watching.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said this in short.

In the last 15 years, we have been here.

The world is bigger than 5 phrase is not that simple.

It's a phrase that hundreds of leaders have thought but couldn’t say out loud.

It is a phrase that addresses the emotions of billions of people.

This is the voice of the oppressed.

The voice of billions that were exploited, oppressed.

If there is a problem in Myanmar today, Turkey is there.

If there is a problem in Pakistan today, Turkey is there.

If there is a problem in Syria today, Turkey is there.

Turkey has changed the paradigm of foreign policy as it is in every regard.

This paradigm shift has disturbed many countries, especially the USA and the West.

Six years ago, the CEO of a weaponry company said, in 3 years if there won’t be war in the Middle East, they would have to fire 3500 people.

A sentence that summarizes the troubles and wars in today's surrounding countries with a single word.

Wars are not done with kisses and flowers, unfortunately.

Weapon industry would fail without war, and war threats.

I wonder which country is the world weapon export champion?

A-Mozambique B-Papua New Guinea C-USA

Isn't it hard to find the answer?

The United States holds 27% of world weapon exports.

Today and yesterday, the cause of the wars that killed millions of people in many places in our region is always the same.

This is the fights of weaponry companies.

TRUMP and the new paradigm...

World is changing its unipolar axis. It is changing to a multi-polar world paradigm.

The IT era is creating a new world order.

Is the US going through a new paradigm shift with the new president?

Time will tell, but Trump saying that, he will deal with US infrastructures, the roads, meaning I will invest in my neglected country, has made dollar go high.

In addition to this investment plan, the dollar did not settle with the FED saying that it should increase interest rates.

Of course, oil prices have moved up again after the sharp decreases in recent years, which enabled the dollar to move upwards.

Tayyip Erdogan has changed Turkey’s paradigm. Trump wants to change the US paradigm.

China, Russia, India, Korea are the new liberal players of the post-cold war global economy.

Turkey is not the old Turkey. It is growing, and it will grow even more.

It is getting stronger, it will get much stronger.

This picture makes everyone uneasy, especially the USA and the west.

First, they scratched our ethnicity difference, it didn’t work.

Because we are Turkey with our Turks, Kurds, Circassians, Abkhazians, Lazi, Georgians.

Then they tried to create Alevi Sunni conflict, it didn’t work.

We are Turkey with Alevis, Sunnis, and non-Muslims.

Then they tried to scratch us with our way of life.

We are Turkey with people with and without turban.

Then they found a madman called Fetullah.

They tried to exploit the spiritual feelings of the people and seize this country, and that did not work either. Turkey did not fall for it.

The Turkish nation did not fall for it.

They can try as much as they want, Turkey has changed its paradigm.

Let's be one, let's be together, let's not fall for the games,, nobody can stand in front of this country

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