I invite Akido Toyoda to Sakarya

I invite Akido Toyoda to Sakarya

Writing a column doesn't mean you know something very well, according to me. I write my ideas to reach more people.

My ideas can be right or wrong.

It's not my place to advise anyone.

And I don't like writing a critique.

It's not my style to say that you did these things wrong.

People and managers have a point of view and a way of interpreting life.

Also, they have their own priorities.

I prefer to respect these priorities.

The glass always has a full side. I always try to see the full side of the glass. I find it easy to look at the empty side of the glass and make criticism.

I do not see it as a criticism to approach positively to events and to contribute to their shortcomings.

I care about common sense or consultation and I find them right. I believe that you can ask a 10-year-old about a subject you stuck, and it can open up new horizons.

I think those who say that they know everything in life will lose one day eventually.


The latest fashion word of the day is brand

We see it everywhere, the brand city, the brand district

Please do not get me wrong, but Sakarya cannot be a brand city at this stage.

But Sakarya may be a world city, it may be an industrial city, it may be the logistics base of Eurasia, it may be the city of universities, it may be the information base, it may be the automotive base, and much more.

There are criterias of being a brand city.

For example, it would have a cultural heritage. It would carry a trace of history. With its architecture, it would come to the forefront with the protection of the civilization texture it has lived on in the past. For example, Casablanca has become a brand city with its historical texture and its famous film which was made in 1942. Another example is Istanbul, which has become a brand city with its history, architecture and the opening of a new era in 1453 and the merging of two continents.

Do we have such a historical heritage?


What else will be the criteria?

The number of foreign investors, the number of tourists coming, will be a product in the world in reference with the brand city. E.g.;

New York

54 million tourists. The center of world financial markets. New York even has a city marketing logo.






This logo is specially designed by a designer and is known by the whole world in t-shirts, hats, mugs as a logo. Its acceptance and recognition makes New York a real brand.



Brand of the Arab world. A complete brand with trade and tourism center with large original buildings and projects.

E.g ;

London or Barcelona, Moscow

It is a brand with the combination of the parameters I have counted above.

A historical process and the survival of this process must come to the fore with a different feature of awareness by the world.


I would like to express this clearly;

Good works were done in Sakarya as it was in Turkey...

Today; with its export increase championship, strong industry, OIZs that will reach 11, boulevards, squares, HEPPs, residential areas, universities, strong health investments, big sports investments, automotive base nomination, Sapanca lake, Karasu, Taraklı, floodplain forests and many more features, there is another Sakarya.

There is a Sakarya where many ethnic elements live brotherly.

These are all full sides of the glass.

We cannot become a brand at this stage, but if we make good use of our good sides and develop our strong ones, we can become a recognized province in the world competing with brand cities.


Sport is a great promotional tool.

Our modern stadium has a capacity of 25.000 people and an indoor sports hall with a capacity of 5.000 people. Our swimming pool has received great services in recent years.

As you know, the rowing race in Turkey are happening mostly in Sapanca Lake.

But our country does not have a rowing track in international standards. Unfortunately, if a wind comes out suddenly, the races are canceled.

Our Ministry of Sports and our metropolitan municipalities, are about to provide Turkey and our province, the first rowing tracks.

The construction of a track in Mollaköy, where European and world championships will be held, will begin.

So there could be a world championship in Sakarya.

Here you go, there is a Sakarya that you can watch on the world's sports channels at the same time.

Dozens of journalists, hundreds of athletes and rowing spectators from dozens of countries around the world will be in Sakarya.

What a great promotion.

What a big income.

Great opportunity for a brand city promotion pillar.


Everything in the world is happening with the lobby.

This is a fact.

We have a strong lobby.

An important fact about Sakarya is that, it is a province with a strong lobby in Turkey.

Our Minister of Family and Social Policies Ayşenur İslam is from Sakarya.

Our Deputy Minister of Family and Social Policies Çiğdem Erdoğan Atabek is from Sakarya.

The leader of Turkey's labor movement, TURK-İŞ president Ergun Atalay is from Sakarya.

Spokesman for the millions of farmers in Turkey, Turkish Union of Agricultural Chambers President Şemsi Bayraktar is from Sakarya.

Without bread, there is not life. Halil İbrahim Balcı who is the General Director of bread-making bakers, the bread that is one of the main nutritions for us is from Sakarya.

Türk Koop İş General Director Eyüp Alemdar is from Sakarya.

When it comes to sports, the passion of millions is football. Football legends and their teachers are from Sakarya.

Advisor of our President Mustafa İsen is from Sakarya. World motorcycle champion Turan Sofuoglu is from Sakarya.

And many more names


This isn't a headline I found.

This is the headline of Sabah Newspaper.

When important people go to Russia, Russian brand comes to Sakarya.

This is also the headline of Akşam Newspaper.

What do these mean?

The world became smaller, the homeland of the companies became the whole world.

So the chairman of this gas company is from Sakarya.

He's one of us now.

Let's write these in our lobby list.


Who is Akio Toyoda?

CEO and president of Toyota.

Where is he from, Mr. Toyoda?

I think, from SAKARYA.

If the world has changed.

If the cold war is over.

Borders are lifted.

Since the world is a small village.

It has globalized.

Then it's not where you're born that counts, it's where you're fed.

Then Mr. Toyoda is from Sakarya.

And Mr. Toyoda has never made upset by his Sakarya citizens. How?

Toyata is a world giant.

It has 27 factories.

So which factory is the factory that produces with zero error? SAKARYA TOYOTA FACTORY

And who does this production?

Our brothers from Sakarya.

Then Mr. Toyoda is the Sakarya of the changing world.

At the beginning of my article, I invited Mr.Toyoda in Japanese to Sakarya.

Above are the reasons why I invited 

That's what I meant by the lobby.

Foreign investors are from us too.

Mr.Toyoda will also come and join the Sakarya lobby.

If the world is globalized, he is from Sakarya too and he is one of us.

It will contribute to our promotion.


The Japanese came to our city and made a big investment.

They provided 3000 people work opportunities.

They made our name heard in our export with a brand like Toyota.

Let us also give them the return. Let's learn their culture.

Our Metropolitan Municipality can organize SAKARYA JAPAN FRIENDSHIP WEEK annually with the support of our university and non-governmental organizations.


During Sakarya Japan Friendship Week, we can equip the whole city with Turkish and Japanese flags.

Let us organize activities of Japanese culture and folk dance on the streets.

Let's watch concerts with Japanese music and movies about Japanese culture in the halls.

Restaurants can make Japanese food and we can all eat.

Let our Sakaryaspor team match with the football team of our Japanese brothers.

Let SBB basketball team play with our Japanese brothers’ basketball team.

I wish, Akio Toyoda, our fellow citizen, would come to our city every year or this week even just for a day.

What kind of promotion do you think would be if we give Mr. Toyoda symbolically the golden key of the city?

Mr. Toyoda would love this place and bring other Japanese investors to invest.

Would it be bad if our esteemed rector would open a department of Japanese language and literature at the university and give Mr. Toyoda the first lesson of this department?


If you call these difficult, high-cost bureaucratic works

Then I say we have the Minister.

One of our biggest chances is the Minister of Family and Social Policies Ayşenur İslam.

As far as I’ve seen, she is a very positive person, she is open to all sorts of contributions and suggestions.

Insightful and natural.

A great gain for Sakarya.

On the invitation to Mr. Toyoda, Sakarya will be able to contribute to the budget and planning of the Japan Friendship Week with support from both the Foreign Affairs and the Promotion Fund of the Prime Ministry.


Sakarya is the city where we were born and it will be the city we pass away, if God allows. We can pass a strong, prosperous, brand city to our children after generations.

Power comes from unity.

Let's get our heads together.

What we can do.

Yours truly.


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