Neo Jacobins

2 + 2 does not always add up to 4 ..

2 + 2 does not always add up to 4 ..

There is no chance of any organization being successful despite the public.

Nobody should underestimate the people. The price would be heavy. History is full of sad examples of those who made this mistake.

The biggest mistake of some intellectual and elitist people and some  politicians is that they cannot understand the public enough and cannot interpret their feelings. The art of management is not directly coincide with the education.

Again, some of the biggest mistakes of some intellectual and elitist people and our point of separation comes from here.

Unfortunately, not everything happens with studying in America, knowing 2 or 3 foreign languages, reading and writing as many books as something and deep intellectual accumulation.


The Jacobins...

They appeared after the French Revolution.

It is a movement that aims to make the public accept the ideas of them hard and violently. According to Jacobins, the people are ignorant and illiterate.

People who call themselves the Jacobins are the upper class of society, so to speak, only this class can make social development and change. As the people are ignorant and illiterate they cannot understand and comprehend what the Jacobins want to do, also the public is an obstacle to these reforms.

Then these ideas must be imposed forcefully and violently.

After the French Revolution, the Jacobins, who adopted this view, tried to impose their views in France with this pressure and bullying, and caused the execution of hundreds of people.

And their sad ends came with guillotine.


Hundreds of years have passed since the French Revolution.

In this process, the world changed and developed.

Jacobins developed and changed according to the conditions of the day too.

I call them NEO JACOBINS.

After all, Jacobinism is not an ideology.

Jacobinism is a method.

Neo Jacobins no longer use violence.

They don't execute people.

But the common feature of all Jacobins is that they see the people as ignorant and illiterate.

Today, neo-Jacobins can be found in the intellectual sector, in the media and in politics.

They know a lot.

They know everything.

They see themselves above the society and the people. They look down on people.

They think that they will take over from top to bottom management. There are contemporarists and reactionists according to neo Jacobins. According to neo Jacobins, there are people with turbans and without turbans. According to neo Jacobins, there are secular and anti-secular ones.

According to neo Jacobins there are high educateds and self-educateds.


The public and common sense should always be believed in. People and their needs are to be analyzed well. Got to be read well.

There are many examples in the history scene that nothing has been acomplished by pontificating in pink glass houses and by acting like know-it-all.


I wish you not to forget that those who listen to the voice of the people have won and succeeded.


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