Axis Shift...

What excites, focuses and motivates people are goals.

What excites, focuses and motivates people are goals.

You should have a road map.

Human perception has always welcomed the word goal.

A competitive and sustainable goal...

A simple example will help you understand the present world. Turn off your phone for 3 months Do not go on the internet Do not watch television, after 3 months; Turn on the phone, enter the internet, watch the television then you will see that you are unfamiliar with a lot of things.

In other words, there is a world moving so fast that if you do not follow the developments from day to day, you will stay behind in many issues.

The axis of the world is shifting from west to east both economically and politically.

The leading countries and economies of the future will emerge from countries on the east axis.

In the long run, my determination and assertion is that the leading countries and economies will emerge from African countries.

After centuries, it will be seen that the richness of life will be centered on African countries as it creeps in western places.

You have to have two important weapons in the global world. These weapons are energy and technology.

God has created a world so fair that every living thing needs each other to live.

On a macro scale, each country and every continent need each other.

Energy is a must for life to continue.

So where is the energy? In Asia. Without gas and oil, you can't warm up, be enlightened, or go a kilometer.

In the technology weapon, America and the countries of Southeast Asia are competing with each other.

Forbes announced that the richest in America are now technology companies. And most of these riches are also young names.

The economic axis of the world is shifting from industry to technology.


Do you know Apple's market value? About $ 500 billion.

The GNP of our country is 780 billion dollars.

Apple, only one company has a market value close to the GNP of our country. What's Apple? Does it have a factory? Is something smoking from its chimney?

Apple is a new generation technology company.

Samsung is a South Korean company. The market value is about $ 200 billion.

After doing this very general analysis, I want to talk about the subject of our Sakarya ..

SAKARYA 2023 ...

The government is aiming for some new goals and road maps for Turkey in 2023.

They did very well.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, goals are motivating people.

Now, in order for Sakarya to take place in this changing world order, SAKARYA should set 2023 goals.

The make it up as you go along times have finished.

We need to understand the world well, and develop a strategy and a road map that is suitable for this shift.

The goals of our government are certain, but what about the goals of our Sakarya for 2023?

Here, NGOs, our university and local administrators in our city have great roles.

I propose the establishment of the SAKARYA 2023 working committee. A working committee with the actors mentioned above and the actors to be added...

It will determine Sakarya's goals that will change its axis in real terms and policies will be produced in accordance with these goals.

How much should our exports be in 2023?

What should be the size of our industrial sector in 2023?

What will be the number of universities in 2023?

What should be the number of organized industrial sites in 2023?

What will be the number of employees in 2023?

What will happen in the field of health, education in 2023?

What are the objectives of our agricultural sector in 2023?

What will be our population in 2023?

What will be our tourism income in 2023 and how will it improve?

This list should be developed with more data and a roadmap should be drawn.


Our country is developing, technology and R & D are the two issues that lag behind international parameters.

Technology companies’ export are very low.

Turkey is far behind the European Union, the United States and southeastern Asian countries. Technology companies are the locomotives of the IT sector.

Companies and products with very high added value...

Market is all over the world...

Even our democratization package was headed in technological terms. Version 1.0 of the democratization package...

I wonder if Turkey's technology base could be Sakarya?

Can a silicon valley-like structure be made in Sakarya?

Let's get our heads around it.

Let's work on technological organized industrial zone (OIZ) ..

The turnover of the industrial sector is large, but the profit and value added are low.

But technology companies have very high market values and profits.

Instead of making industrial facilities and investments that are harmful to the environment that Europe is leaving behind now, we should focus on technological company organizing industrial zones that conform to the new world order.

The golden rule of trade is making the impossible. Being unbeatable.

We have a different situation. We're doing what anyone can do. And we do similar works everywhere. Hundreds of businesses that do the same job. Then the golden rule of the economy works. Supply and demand balance is deteriorating. Market becomes full.


And everyone is falling apart.

All works are done without proper accounting...

But technological companies are not like that.

Continuous self-upgrading products with high added value ... RESULT...

There is no need to rediscover what has been discovered.

Concentration, energy, creativity, if we do this work we will save the future of our city.

I propose to change the economic axis of Sakarya.

I hear a lot of brand city words.

Let's not make the word cheap.

Let's fill in this brand name...

If we want to be a brand city, we can reach our goal with correct and value added goals by rationally drawing our strategy by understanding the world well.


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