Made In Sakarya

Don't think I forgot our Sakarya.

I haven't written for a long time.

Don't think I forgot our Sakarya.

I just paused my articles because of the adaptation period and the intense pace of my new job. Where I was born is Sakarya.

My biggest desire is to be useful to Sakarya and to have a little salt in the soup.

Everything starts with dreams.

Dreams are beautiful. Sometimes difficult. Sometimes impossible.

It is good to be able to do the hard and succeed.

Always argued and written about. How do we make a brand city of Sakarya?

How do we improve? How do we promote?

Here are different ideas for you.

Here you go:


Don't you want the name of Sakarya to be mentioned in the world's bestselling book series?

Wouldn't you like to watch a record attempt by the people of Sakarya in the main news of all the world's televisions?

Here's a free advertisement.

An opportunity for the whole world to know Sakarya.

An actual event.

There's nothing economical.

Interesting events have always attracted the attention of mankind.

They were watched and clicked the most.

Why shouldn't we make such a record attempt?

What are we missing from the others?

We often see it on the main TV news that this country made this record attempt.

Let's do a record attempt.

Our written and visual media can even open an idea contest for this interesting record attempt.

Sakarya-based blogs can also be organized on what kind of record attempt it will be. It will be for Sakarya. It will make history, a record attempt that a lot of people will cooperate.

It's easy to make a record attempt after you find your location.

We will login to GUINNESS WORLD RECORD.COM address and we will apply.

After the application is approved, those concerned will contact us and discuss the details.

Get the free Sakarya presentation all over the world...


Cinema industry.

Showing progress in recent years and a growing industry in Turkey..

The indisputable boss of this industry is America.

Millions of spectators, big-budget movies.

Giant productions that the world watches at the same time.

It's a big promotion, of course.

Huge Hollywood films used to be shot only in America or in one or two countries.

Now, productions all over the world.

Some parts of the new series of recent JAMES BOND movie was filmed in Turkey.

And that the whole world will see Turkey enter the film.

Here is a free promotion.

So why not take a few of these scenes in Sakarya?

I know that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism made the proposal for the location for the scenes taken in Adana.

So why not recommend Sakarya?

Lobby Lobby Lobby ....

I've written many times before.

The world has shrunk.

The extraordinary developments in science and technology have brought America and Sakarya as close as a mail button.

Why don't we get in touch with the production companies in Hollywood, talk about our province Sakarya, our natural beauties and shoot the scenes of a Hollywood movie in Sakarya.

Why shouldn’t George Clooney, Angelina Jolie come to Sakarya?

They are not dreams...

These are all things that can be done.

Our Governorate and Municipality may make the necessary correspondence on this subject.

I recently had dinner with Demet Öger in Ankara.

Ms. Demet owns Oger Entertaınment.

Ms. Demet mentioned that they wanted to make a film with Danny Devito in Turkey.

Ms. Demet is one of the people who try to promote Turkey in America.

Shee is also an Oscar Academy member.

Why not shoot some scenes of this film in Sakarya.

Would it be bad if Dany Devito came to Sakarya?

Do you think that serving the world press photos of Devito in Sakarya is a bad advertisement? Promotion. Promotion. Promotion.

The promotion of famous pumpkin of Sakarya from me or you is a thing, Dany Devito eating this pumpkin and telling his friends in America is another thing.

Mine or your promotion of Acarlar floodplain forest is a thing, Dany Devito seeing our floodplain forest and telling it to Hollywood is another.

Let's write to Hollywood companies.

Let's get in touch with our ministry.

Let's have a Hollywood movie with some scenes in our city.

May it be released all over the world.

Let everybody see Sakarya....


Karasu port.

It is our biggest weapon that will enable us to become an actor in international trade.

Look, I bet.

Karasu port is a port that will make our Sakarya real class if it can be presented correctly and if it is constructed correctly, it will make a real brand city.

It is a great chance for our city.

Firstly its location is very good.

The Russian market is close to the major markets of the world. Slavic countries, Turkic Republics, Central Asian countries, China, Europe, and Balkans are the natural customers of the Karasu port.

Turkey is a candidate to become the new industrial zone.

I mentioned the Viking project before.

Sakarya did not dwell on this project.

I recently met Ukrainian diplomats at a meeting.

I asked him what stage the Viking project is.

They said that our parliament speaker and Ukrainian parliament speaker signed this project and the project came into force.

So what happened to the port? I asked.

They said that Samsun was chosen as the harbor.

I have told before that Samsun is very keen on this issue in various platforms.

Okay, maybe our port's not ready yet.

But that doesn't mean it won't be ready.

Sooner or later this port will be over.

Karasu port is more advantageous than Samsun for Viking project.

The Viking project is an international trade project.

Middle East, Central Asia, through Turkey of goods in African countries through Ukraine and Belarus is to be delivered to the project Nordic and European countries.

It is a big project. According to the researches of MARKA, it is a project that will bring us 200 million dollars revenue annually. Due to its natural advantages, Karasu can be the strategic intersection of many projects.

Some people in Sakarya did not care about the Viking project.

When the port of Karasu was finished, they said that Karasu would automatically be subject to this project.

Could that be something like that?

International trade takes place at the intersection of many parameters.

Nobody comes to Karasu for the sake of his father.

The price advantages and amenities that you will offer will make you stand out.

We should start promoting this port already.

The companies all over the world in the international trade are calculating how to send their goods and products to other countries in the shortest and most convenient conditions.

We need to invite the CEOs of big companies in Europe, America, Russia, China, India and the Middle East to Sakarya.

We should present the presentation of the Karasu port with slides and visual presentations.

We need to explain the Karasu port.

World is promotion and advertisement.

We have to introduce the Karasu port in international fairs and meetings.

We need to hold meetings with the CEOs of international companies in Sakarya and discuss major investments in both our port and the port environment.

I am just saying.

Then don't tell me it's too late.

What I have described above is the economic dimension of the event.


If we consider the port in terms of tourism.


Cruises going all over the world.

Tourists traveling by cruises, which reveals the tradesmen in each country.

Karasu can be a tourism location with its unique sandy beach, Acarlar floodplain and nature.

In addition, with the giant tourism companies, cruise ships to Istanbul and the Aegean and Europe to visit Karasu, Acarlar Floodplain to visit the Mediterranean, the Aegean, including anywhere else can benefit from this unique sand and can continue.

Imagine the dollars that rich middle-aged and older cruise passengers will leave.

Karasu tradesman feast on the days when the ship is in the harbor.

The port of Karasu can also be the departure point or stop port of the cruise ships that will travel to Russia and Ukraine due to its proximity.

In the medium term, it can even be the destination of transportation by ship to the Eastern Marmara, Western and Central Black Sea regions to Russia and Ukraine.

These are all issues that can be discussed and resolved.

Horizon vision foresight.

To determine the direction of the Earth well.

To be able to promote our differences and richness well.

So it is not hard to make Sakarya a world city.


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